The Minestompers were founded in Germany's rainy Cologne in 2008 by four good-for-nothing retards pathologically obsessed with sleaze, trash and the weirdest and wildest incarnations of Rock and Roll. This means first and foremost Punk, Surf and 80's Psychobilly in the wake of Cramps, Guana Batz or the early Meteors.
After years of giggling, gigging and drinking they captured the madness of being a Minestomper on vinyl. Crazy Love Records, Europes no. 1 label for anything rocking’, psyching and stomping, released the band’s debut album in 2015. The 14 wild, weird and savage cuts were quite well received in the scene and beyond.
... and the the next batch of hits is already on its way: their second long player Porno Mags & Body Bags is to be released in 2019. And you can bet it will blow your ass wide open!

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The Minestompers

dimanche 14 avril 2019 - 21H - 23H46
Soirée Marseille

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