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A straordinary project of Gipsy and Balkan music by Eusebio Martinelli, a virtuos Italian trumpeter.
During years he played with Negramaro, Demo Morselli Big Band, Modena City Ramblers, Saule, Mau Mau, etc... he has been played in Vinicio Capossela's band since 2006.
In this new project he plays accompanied by his "Gipsy Orkestar" (musicians play with artists like Goran Bregovich, Shantel, Modena City Ramblers).
Sound is a contagious mix of gipsy and balkan music, now known as "Gipsy Turbo all'Italiana".
After "Gazpacho" and "Apolide", in 2017 the 3rd album "DANZE" is released by Makeadream/Goodfellas

Eusobio Martinelli Gipsy Orkestar ( balkan )

dimanche 10 mars 2019 - 21H - 1H46
Soirée Marseille

Le lieu



Place Paul Cézanne
13006 Marseille
Soirée Marseille

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