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German post punk finest Bleib Modern play one of the most impressive modern take of the 80’s gloomy melodic coldwave with leading throbbing basslines, mechanical drumming, reverbed and razor-sharp guitar riffs, emotionless and visceral vocals.

‘Antagonism’ is Bleib Modern’s third album, their thicker, colder, darker and hopeless ever; a bleak realm of brooding romantic ballads and evocative and desperate sonic rides with in the far distance some glimpses of light, but the pain is too extreme, the soul too desolate, the outside world too ugly, better turning the switch off completely, just “pitch black” darkness.

Bleib Modern

mercredi 19 septembre 2018 - 20H30 - 1H09
Soirée Marseille

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Place Paul Cézanne
13006 Marseille
Soirée Marseille